Liporase - 1 vial

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Liporase - Hyaluronidase

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It needs to be diluted in saline solution 0.9%.

To Dissolve Filler:

- Draw 1ml of saline solution 0.9%.

- To dissolve more volume of filler, draw up 10ml of saline solution 0.9%.

- Inject the saline solution into the liporase little bottle until it's full.

- Mix it gently by rotating the little bottle very gently.

- Draw back the mixed solution into the syringe.

- Inject it slowly into the filler where it needs to be dissolved.

To maximise Slimming Solutions.

Same as above, but to melt fat, use 3ml of saline solution.

Please note:

This is just an overall description, it does not include injection point, angle and needle sizes. Only place your order if you have knowledge on it.